Vampires & Knights

Through the mountains (by Arne)

The group had just awoken to a vinelike rose-plant covering the entire house they had taken refuge in for the night.

When they ran out the were attacked by a large Mud Elemental that seemed to think it was a Dragon. Its mud-breath worked in a way like superglue, turning into concrete instantly after covering anything it hit.

After an intense battle, the elemental was defeated and a halfling was uncovered from its muddy heap. He didnt seem to remember what had happened, and he was discovered to be the writer of a journal they had found earlier.

He gave some disturbing news; their underground agricultural project handt succseded until they got help from a mysterious elf. Even if he had lost at least one hundred years of time when he was trapped, an elf lives far longer than that. He might still be around. The group decided to investigate at a later time, for now they had to escape the army that was chasing them.

Heading further in they found a large tree that almost hit the roof of the cavern they were in. Hanging from the tree were lots and lots of “berries” that held humanoid shapes. Garrik noticed that one of the humanoid persons was Content Not Found: graham-abyssal. Garrik and Adrian had a heated discussion over if they should help him or leave him. Adrian meant that saving him could attract unwanted attention to themselves and the shield, not to mention that something could trap themselves in the tree. Garrik meant is was simply the right thing to do to save him, a far to weak statement to convince Adrian of anything.

In the end Adrian changed his own mind, he did have a duty for the man. After all, he did sign the guild-ladder. So without any further ado he cut the Sorcerer down. Garric started cutting down more people to Adrian’s annoyance, the group doesnt have unlimited amount of time after all.

Saving a human ambassador and a dwarven miner, the group told them what had happened and that they needed to save the rest. And, finally, the group moved on into the mountains, in search of the rumoured “rear exit”. A few hints from the dwarven miner hangs with them; “With the star-shaped door, stay away from the left entrance.”

The group was ambushed by devils in one of the tunnels, and had a hard time causing any harm to them. They eventually prevailed and the devils were vanquished.

The session ended with the party setting up camp in the tunnels.



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