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Enter the Dragon (by Anders)

After the party woke up and ate they continued warily down the tunnel, while Angus and Mr. Blank collected edible plants. Mr. Blank and Sarren found and disabled the traps the party found.

After awhile the party got ambushed by six Kobolds that dropped from above. After a short but intense fight the party prevailed. Now that the party knew there were other creatures down here they were poised for attack. After a little while an awful stink reached them down the tunnel, thoroghly sickening Mr. Blank. That he was sickened didnt surprise anyone in the group.

The stink came from a statue of dung shaped like a dragon. Around it lay twelve kobolds sleeping.
Mr. Blank snuck up on them and killed two in their sleep, but the third woke up and alerted the others.

The party had already planned for this eventuality, so Garrick shot a Fireball down the hall and hit the statue, severily injuring the kobolds. Mr. Blank was alerted by the warning shouts of Garrick and Angus and avoided the fireball just in time.

One of the kobolds cursed Angus with mark of a dragon that was coiled around his lower right arm. They made short work of the severily injured kobolds and found a Content Not Found: staff-of-burning-hands.

The party was beginning to tire when they came upon a star shaped tunnel. The party remembered the dwarfs word and went down the right one. It was just a short stretch before they saw it was collapsed. The group then decided to go down the star tunnel.

They saw a light and Mr. Blank went on ahead to scout and spotted a sleeping red brownish creature with horns in a chamber. He went back and told his findings to the party but none knew what it was.

Mr. Blank snuck back again while the others slowly moved towards the chamber. Mr. Blank discovered that the chamber was a shrine to Moradin. While searching the chamber Adrian came upon a sleeping chamber, where he also found a wand and a tabard.

The party weary after a long journey decided to kill the beast and make camp here. Only Mr. Blank managed to get of an attack before the demon said “Enough!”.

The demon conversed with the party and told them of it’s kind, but only Graham could understand it, but he didn’t have words to pass the knowledge on to the party. He could only say something about dreams and eating.

The party rested and healed, before they sat down and deceided to go down the left tunnel. As they entered the tunnel Angus got a vision of an reptilian eye opening.

Here they fought a short battle against a young magma dragon, and prevailed. The session ended with here with the party discussing what to do next.


I liked it :P You write them better than me :P

Enter the Dragon (by Anders)

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