Vampires & Knights

Sky city (by håkon)

After Adrian left the party decided that they needed more members for the team that was gonna fight in the sky tournament and set out to recruit some able bodied people. Angus Mcgyle found Barry the Brave while barcrawling and convinced the palading to join the party. Sarren ended up in an incident with the guard over a dead body and ended up temporarily in a jail cell over it, where he met Irm Lialsson who had ended up there due to a misunderstanding over beating up a guy who robbed a old lady. Both where set loose from jail when they finally found out that it was just misunderstandings. Sarren failed in properly convincing Irm to join due to his faulty people skills but did manage to get Irm to come to the inn where the party was staying where Garrick Beerdrinker convinced Irm to join.

Weeks passes where the new perty members get to better know the others.

It is time for the tournament and the party leaves for Giants hill to await the arrival of sky city. Sky city decends from the heavens and the party takes an elevator up. Once up they sign up their team and also meets Lord (Insert name) who is suprised to see Garrick alive as he belived him to be dead. The lord decides to sponsor the team and sets them up with living arrangments.

After another week of boredom and making of team tabards the first battle is coming up. It ends up with “The storm of justice” wich is our team versus The illuminated knights of the abyss. The knights offer up little challenge as the party quickly defeats them and claim The illuminated robe.

They also see a group of ice bandits under the team name “frost bandits” win their battle, and they see Barrys hated enemys team win a battle against some ninjas. They learn that Barrys hated enemy has attained a legendary artifact.



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