Vampires & Knights

The thing in the tube

The party wakes up after a good nights sleep only to discover that the paint on their wall is crumbling away, and apparently the same is happening all over the city.

Outside in the streets they find a man who’s frantically looking around and measuring various objects around town. After speaking to the old man they discover that he is a scientist who is interested in the flying city and how it works. The party figures out that in order to find out anything about the city and how it flies, they have to go into one of the “Batteries” as the townsfolk called them.

The party finds a battery and after a thorough examining figures out a way to get inside. The battery leads them beneath the city in some kind of sewer looking tunnels.
After some time the tunnels are strangely enough shifting in front of their eyes and suddenly fog surrounds the walkway their standing on and a big serpent-like creature jumps out of the water and attacks them. After fighting the strange creature the party moves onwards and finds a hallway with many doors. They walk into one of the doors and finds a lot of tubes laying on the ground, when suddenly one of the tubes melt and turns into a golem. The party vanquishes the golem and reaches the final room.

In the last room they see a big tube in the middle of the room and a door leading to some kind of storage place. In the storage room they see a lot of glass tubes containing people of different species, except for one tube who is broken and empty.
The party breaks the people out of the tubes when they suddenly hear someone in the room with the big tube. They run to the room and sees a dark figure opening the tube, it then very quickly escapes. The tube starts opening and inside it the party can see an orb of many colors, they figure out that it’s a rift and the tube was there to stop it from expanding. The group runs out of the tunnels with the orb expanding behind them and makes it just in time.
When they exit the battery they find a dead man wearing nothing but his underwear, they come to the realization that the dark figure has taken his armor in order to disguise himself.

After they return to the scientist they go to sleep and Garrick dreams about some bunnies and fire.



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