Mr. Blank

"I assure you, Ive planned everything. Nothing stops me now. Revenge is mine."


Adrian stands 5,4 foot high (165cm), he has got some muscle-tone but its just barely visible. Thats if you ever catch him without any clothes, wich is a rare occurence. Adrian’s hair is at neck-length and is white as snow, partially covering his blood-red eyes, two traits that make many a commoner believe he is some kind of vampire or creature of the night.

His red eyes feel give shivers when he stares at you, like whatever is behind is some cold calculating machine. When he laughs or he is genuinely happy over something, one can sometimes get a glimpse of blue eyes under the mane of hair, but usually only fer a moment so most shrug it of as something from their imagination. When he is angry or in the mood for mischief his eyes seem to glow with a faint darker red, a sight that can be truly terrifying if one is not prepared for it.

Adrian is a fashionable man, if allowed to, and prefers finer clothing made of sikls and the like for his days off. Contrary to what one would think, he isnt very fond of hats.

For his adventuring equipment Adrian wears a black-leather chestpiece that is embroidered with bloodred threads in a way that makes it seem like a red spiderweb is running across it. Its barely visible under the best of light conditions and the same webbing cover his bracers, leggings and his boots.

His boots have hooks on the front to make climbing on rough surfaces easier, and possibly also to make it hurt more if he would kick you.

On his right hip he has a quiverbox for his bolts aswell as his two rapiers. On the other side he keeps his shortsword an elongated combat-dagger and some kind of engraved stone-rod. In addition he has one small crossbow on each side, both painted black to blend better with darkness.

From over his shoulders hangs a cloak that is dark as night on the outside and blood-red on the inside. It covers most of his equipment when worn normally and easily slips away to his back in a combat situation.

On his head he wears a wide-brimmed black hat, mostly to cover his hair. And around his neck he has a black scarf that he uses to hide his face if needed. When not inside he can be seen wearing tinted-glass-frames to cover his read eyes.

He has his equipment on a moderately sized pack that straps to his belt and hangs from it behind his back, it might take forever to pack in the morning, but the increased mobility makes Adrian feel like its worth the effort.

He is a person that can be seen wearing everything from a sly grin to a furrowed brow. But dont be fooled, the cold machine is always there. Ticking away.

Character Theme:

Character Theme


Adrians Stuff:
1x The Ogre Toothpick
1x The Best Teawarmer in the Lands
1x Wand of Cure Light Wounds


Work in progress:

Born the second son in a wealthy noble-family, Adrian never knew of the darker sides of life in his younger years. He was trained in swordsmanship and tactics, as well as other skills that would be neccesary for a life of adventure. To much displeasure of his father, Lord xxxx, his second son never showed the same prowess and strength as his firstborn.

Adrian grew up scholared by his mother and playing with his sister, and never really had any interest of adventuring, even though it was expected of him to enroll in the family-owned adventuring guild, the Crimson Hand, when he grew of age.

During his 15th summer his hair suddenly turned as white as snow and his eyes, previously a deep blue, now turned blood-red. Unbeknownst to Adrian, Lord xxxx had found out that Adrian wasn’t his own child. Adrian was tossed out of the house and forced to live a life in the gutters.

Refusing to get help form anyone, Adrian left Midheim and traveled south. Over the next three years he gained many new skills, including but not limited to pickpocketing, sneaking and lockpicking.

He still misses his mother and sister, and one day he is gonna take back the family name, wether by force or not. For now he is Mr Blank, mysterious, intelligent and dashing rouge, and if you pay the coin, he is at yer service.

Mr. Blank

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