Sarren of the Winds


Work in progress.
A more detailed and less plot-holed bio will be written soon as I find the time.

Sarren was found in the streets of the city Kaglon by his master when he was only five winters old.
The old man took him in, believing this child to be lost as Sarren was running around in barely any clothing. He then spent his years training under his master far out into the mountains where people rarely treaded, never did he dare to oppose his master, in fear he would beat him again. At some point nearing twenty winters Sarren learned of a legend. “The four Winds.” The one who attains the four winds was supposedly able to live forever and become so fast, that time itself was at his whim and the elementals would be within his strikes. He was entranced in this legend, hoping it was true, he found purpose in his training and with determination he trained even harder for five years.

Turning twenty five winters, his master thought it was time he left and he sent him into the world and told him to return ONLY when he thought he was strong enough to fight him.
Sarren now travel the world with his friends, learning and training. But also, hoping to find the four winds, so that he may one day be able to fight his master.

Sarren of the Winds

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