Vampires & Knights

The thing in the tube

The party wakes up after a good nights sleep only to discover that the paint on their wall is crumbling away, and apparently the same is happening all over the city.

Outside in the streets they find a man who’s frantically looking around and measuring various objects around town. After speaking to the old man they discover that he is a scientist who is interested in the flying city and how it works. The party figures out that in order to find out anything about the city and how it flies, they have to go into one of the “Batteries” as the townsfolk called them.

The party finds a battery and after a thorough examining figures out a way to get inside. The battery leads them beneath the city in some kind of sewer looking tunnels.
After some time the tunnels are strangely enough shifting in front of their eyes and suddenly fog surrounds the walkway their standing on and a big serpent-like creature jumps out of the water and attacks them. After fighting the strange creature the party moves onwards and finds a hallway with many doors. They walk into one of the doors and finds a lot of tubes laying on the ground, when suddenly one of the tubes melt and turns into a golem. The party vanquishes the golem and reaches the final room.

In the last room they see a big tube in the middle of the room and a door leading to some kind of storage place. In the storage room they see a lot of glass tubes containing people of different species, except for one tube who is broken and empty.
The party breaks the people out of the tubes when they suddenly hear someone in the room with the big tube. They run to the room and sees a dark figure opening the tube, it then very quickly escapes. The tube starts opening and inside it the party can see an orb of many colors, they figure out that it’s a rift and the tube was there to stop it from expanding. The group runs out of the tunnels with the orb expanding behind them and makes it just in time.
When they exit the battery they find a dead man wearing nothing but his underwear, they come to the realization that the dark figure has taken his armor in order to disguise himself.

After they return to the scientist they go to sleep and Garrick dreams about some bunnies and fire.

Sky city (by håkon)

After Adrian left the party decided that they needed more members for the team that was gonna fight in the sky tournament and set out to recruit some able bodied people. Angus Mcgyle found Barry the Brave while barcrawling and convinced the palading to join the party. Sarren ended up in an incident with the guard over a dead body and ended up temporarily in a jail cell over it, where he met Irm Lialsson who had ended up there due to a misunderstanding over beating up a guy who robbed a old lady. Both where set loose from jail when they finally found out that it was just misunderstandings. Sarren failed in properly convincing Irm to join due to his faulty people skills but did manage to get Irm to come to the inn where the party was staying where Garrick Beerdrinker convinced Irm to join.

Weeks passes where the new perty members get to better know the others.

It is time for the tournament and the party leaves for Giants hill to await the arrival of sky city. Sky city decends from the heavens and the party takes an elevator up. Once up they sign up their team and also meets Lord (Insert name) who is suprised to see Garrick alive as he belived him to be dead. The lord decides to sponsor the team and sets them up with living arrangments.

After another week of boredom and making of team tabards the first battle is coming up. It ends up with “The storm of justice” wich is our team versus The illuminated knights of the abyss. The knights offer up little challenge as the party quickly defeats them and claim The illuminated robe.

They also see a group of ice bandits under the team name “frost bandits” win their battle, and they see Barrys hated enemys team win a battle against some ninjas. They learn that Barrys hated enemy has attained a legendary artifact.

The sky tournament (by Anders)

After resting and resuppling The party got word of a fight tournament. That was schedueled for a month from now. The First prize the armor of Grimloc Foecleaver. While they were in the city Graham fell under the sway of his dagger and started killing random people at night.
Garrick on the other hand found a orphanage that made slaves of the children and tried to find a way to set them free. He foundthat there were tunnels that led out of the cityand if he managed to free the children he could led them through the sewers into the tunnels and away.
After they had spent a week in the city Sarren found a campsiteoutside the city bearing the mark of the ice bandits. Sarren returned to the inn and told everyone. Garrick went out to scout the campsite. While Garrick was away Graham looked out the window and saw a caravan entering the city. It was the ice bandits and with them were cages containing the Winter Wolf and several worgs.

Garrick was discovered and had to fight a guard that was left at the campsite, it was a tough fight but he ultimately prevailed and returned to the inn. They decided that they should lay low and get another shield so that they could hide Grimloc’s shield.
The next day they discovered that the shield and Adrian was gone. All that was left was the bag of holding and some money and gems along with a note. The note read “The shield is not safe here”

Exit the Dragon! (by Arne)
The party climbs for its life out of a dragon's lair.

After defeating the Volcanic Dragon the party moved on through a tunnel with a lava-river. The tunnel ended abruptly and the party was now in the hearth of the volcano, clear skies visible through the crater-hole of the volcano.

A deafening roar could be heard from behind them in the tunnel. It is quickly concluded that what the party killed was probably a youngling, and now its mother is back. Finding no other way out, the party decides to climb for their lives.

Using Grappling-hooks and crossbow-bolts mixed with Mr. Blank’s aiming skills, the party started traversing the overhanging wall, a slow and grueling process. Luckily for them, the tunnel they traversed trhough wasn’t large enough for the older dragon, but it wouldnt stop it indefinetly.

Almost an hour later, right after the party’s rouge sets foot on the summit, Sarren and Angus loose their grip on the rope, plummeting to what seemed like a certain death. Reacting quickly Mr. Blank fires two crossbow-hooks using his set of hand-crossbows, allowing his two falling companions another chanse.

The party, now with all members on the summit, looks down to se the dragon bursting through the side-wall of the volcano. It launches a storm of magma-debris after the party, who decide its time to get the hell out of here.

It a fit of ingenuity the party uses various equipment to slide down the snowy mountainside, ending up in a pine-forest that looked to be without end. They camp in cold darkness this night, afraid of beeing noticed by the dragon.

The next day, after walking in a South-Western direction, they come across a small village in the middle of harvest season. Settling into the only inn available, an inn so small it expects its travelers to sleep in the common-room, the party secures a ride with a harvest-caravan that is heading south in exchange for protection.

The Caravan were ambushed by some bandits a couple of days into the 7-day travels, but they were quickly dispatched by the party.

Arriving at the autumn markets, the party secures travel by a mechant who probably would sell his grandmother for gold, but who is without cause to betray them. Its a fairly uneventful trip, taking almost a week.

Finally the party arrives in what could be called “proper civilication”, at least by Mr. Blank. Not having any plans for the near future, they take up rooms in the finest inn the city can offer.

The session ends with everybody going to bed the first evening.

Enter the Dragon (by Anders)

After the party woke up and ate they continued warily down the tunnel, while Angus and Mr. Blank collected edible plants. Mr. Blank and Sarren found and disabled the traps the party found.

After awhile the party got ambushed by six Kobolds that dropped from above. After a short but intense fight the party prevailed. Now that the party knew there were other creatures down here they were poised for attack. After a little while an awful stink reached them down the tunnel, thoroghly sickening Mr. Blank. That he was sickened didnt surprise anyone in the group.

The stink came from a statue of dung shaped like a dragon. Around it lay twelve kobolds sleeping.
Mr. Blank snuck up on them and killed two in their sleep, but the third woke up and alerted the others.

The party had already planned for this eventuality, so Garrick shot a Fireball down the hall and hit the statue, severily injuring the kobolds. Mr. Blank was alerted by the warning shouts of Garrick and Angus and avoided the fireball just in time.

One of the kobolds cursed Angus with mark of a dragon that was coiled around his lower right arm. They made short work of the severily injured kobolds and found a Content Not Found: staff-of-burning-hands.

The party was beginning to tire when they came upon a star shaped tunnel. The party remembered the dwarfs word and went down the right one. It was just a short stretch before they saw it was collapsed. The group then decided to go down the star tunnel.

They saw a light and Mr. Blank went on ahead to scout and spotted a sleeping red brownish creature with horns in a chamber. He went back and told his findings to the party but none knew what it was.

Mr. Blank snuck back again while the others slowly moved towards the chamber. Mr. Blank discovered that the chamber was a shrine to Moradin. While searching the chamber Adrian came upon a sleeping chamber, where he also found a wand and a tabard.

The party weary after a long journey decided to kill the beast and make camp here. Only Mr. Blank managed to get of an attack before the demon said “Enough!”.

The demon conversed with the party and told them of it’s kind, but only Graham could understand it, but he didn’t have words to pass the knowledge on to the party. He could only say something about dreams and eating.

The party rested and healed, before they sat down and deceided to go down the left tunnel. As they entered the tunnel Angus got a vision of an reptilian eye opening.

Here they fought a short battle against a young magma dragon, and prevailed. The session ended with here with the party discussing what to do next.

Through the mountains (by Arne)

The group had just awoken to a vinelike rose-plant covering the entire house they had taken refuge in for the night.

When they ran out the were attacked by a large Mud Elemental that seemed to think it was a Dragon. Its mud-breath worked in a way like superglue, turning into concrete instantly after covering anything it hit.

After an intense battle, the elemental was defeated and a halfling was uncovered from its muddy heap. He didnt seem to remember what had happened, and he was discovered to be the writer of a journal they had found earlier.

He gave some disturbing news; their underground agricultural project handt succseded until they got help from a mysterious elf. Even if he had lost at least one hundred years of time when he was trapped, an elf lives far longer than that. He might still be around. The group decided to investigate at a later time, for now they had to escape the army that was chasing them.

Heading further in they found a large tree that almost hit the roof of the cavern they were in. Hanging from the tree were lots and lots of “berries” that held humanoid shapes. Garrik noticed that one of the humanoid persons was Content Not Found: graham-abyssal. Garrik and Adrian had a heated discussion over if they should help him or leave him. Adrian meant that saving him could attract unwanted attention to themselves and the shield, not to mention that something could trap themselves in the tree. Garrik meant is was simply the right thing to do to save him, a far to weak statement to convince Adrian of anything.

In the end Adrian changed his own mind, he did have a duty for the man. After all, he did sign the guild-ladder. So without any further ado he cut the Sorcerer down. Garric started cutting down more people to Adrian’s annoyance, the group doesnt have unlimited amount of time after all.

Saving a human ambassador and a dwarven miner, the group told them what had happened and that they needed to save the rest. And, finally, the group moved on into the mountains, in search of the rumoured “rear exit”. A few hints from the dwarven miner hangs with them; “With the star-shaped door, stay away from the left entrance.”

The group was ambushed by devils in one of the tunnels, and had a hard time causing any harm to them. They eventually prevailed and the devils were vanquished.

The session ended with the party setting up camp in the tunnels.

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