Vampires & Knights

Exit the Dragon! (by Arne)

The party climbs for its life out of a dragon's lair.

After defeating the Volcanic Dragon the party moved on through a tunnel with a lava-river. The tunnel ended abruptly and the party was now in the hearth of the volcano, clear skies visible through the crater-hole of the volcano.

A deafening roar could be heard from behind them in the tunnel. It is quickly concluded that what the party killed was probably a youngling, and now its mother is back. Finding no other way out, the party decides to climb for their lives.

Using Grappling-hooks and crossbow-bolts mixed with Mr. Blank’s aiming skills, the party started traversing the overhanging wall, a slow and grueling process. Luckily for them, the tunnel they traversed trhough wasn’t large enough for the older dragon, but it wouldnt stop it indefinetly.

Almost an hour later, right after the party’s rouge sets foot on the summit, Sarren and Angus loose their grip on the rope, plummeting to what seemed like a certain death. Reacting quickly Mr. Blank fires two crossbow-hooks using his set of hand-crossbows, allowing his two falling companions another chanse.

The party, now with all members on the summit, looks down to se the dragon bursting through the side-wall of the volcano. It launches a storm of magma-debris after the party, who decide its time to get the hell out of here.

It a fit of ingenuity the party uses various equipment to slide down the snowy mountainside, ending up in a pine-forest that looked to be without end. They camp in cold darkness this night, afraid of beeing noticed by the dragon.

The next day, after walking in a South-Western direction, they come across a small village in the middle of harvest season. Settling into the only inn available, an inn so small it expects its travelers to sleep in the common-room, the party secures a ride with a harvest-caravan that is heading south in exchange for protection.

The Caravan were ambushed by some bandits a couple of days into the 7-day travels, but they were quickly dispatched by the party.

Arriving at the autumn markets, the party secures travel by a mechant who probably would sell his grandmother for gold, but who is without cause to betray them. Its a fairly uneventful trip, taking almost a week.

Finally the party arrives in what could be called “proper civilication”, at least by Mr. Blank. Not having any plans for the near future, they take up rooms in the finest inn the city can offer.

The session ends with everybody going to bed the first evening.



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