Vampires & Knights

The sky tournament (by Anders)

After resting and resuppling The party got word of a fight tournament. That was schedueled for a month from now. The First prize the armor of Grimloc Foecleaver. While they were in the city Graham fell under the sway of his dagger and started killing random people at night.
Garrick on the other hand found a orphanage that made slaves of the children and tried to find a way to set them free. He foundthat there were tunnels that led out of the cityand if he managed to free the children he could led them through the sewers into the tunnels and away.
After they had spent a week in the city Sarren found a campsiteoutside the city bearing the mark of the ice bandits. Sarren returned to the inn and told everyone. Garrick went out to scout the campsite. While Garrick was away Graham looked out the window and saw a caravan entering the city. It was the ice bandits and with them were cages containing the Winter Wolf and several worgs.

Garrick was discovered and had to fight a guard that was left at the campsite, it was a tough fight but he ultimately prevailed and returned to the inn. They decided that they should lay low and get another shield so that they could hide Grimloc’s shield.
The next day they discovered that the shield and Adrian was gone. All that was left was the bag of holding and some money and gems along with a note. The note read “The shield is not safe here”



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